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Crazy: The temperature is back to 35 degrees

Crazy: The temperature is back to 35 degrees

Unbelievable but true: the return of anomalous heat, With absolutely unusual temperatures for this period. Experts confirm this 3b weather.

Abnormal heat in half of Europe, floods in Spain and Greece, blamed on ‘Omega Blockade’. “The Omega block is characterized by two low-pressure circulations on either side of the strong anticyclone,” explains meteorologist Francesco Nocera. “In these conditions, atmospheric waves, which are the basis of disturbances and anticyclones, do not develop from west to east as they normally should, But they remain obscured for several days. The name of this type of air mass is derived from the letter of the Greek alphabet Omega which has a shape similar to the design created by rising convective currents. These stability systems can persist for a longer period with important meteorological consequences in the basins and on the promontory. In In fact, in the former, where low pressure centers are located, greater thermal contrasts will be generated with clouds and even intense and persistent rainfall.On the other hand, the weather in the promontory will be sunny and stable with high temperatures (very hot in summer) and long dry periods in winter with Absence of rain and snow.

“This is exactly what is happening these days in Europe.” Eduardo Ferrara of continues – “With the African anticyclonic promontory extending from Algeria towards England, the Netherlands, Germany, eastern Spain and above all France, we find decidedly abnormal heat during the period in which temperatures are above average even by 12- 15 degrees Celsius. A: The temperature in London reached 31°C, in Paris 32°C, and in France, several records for September also fell and peaked at 36-37°C. On the other hand, on either side of the anticyclone we saw the continuation of two cyclonic eddies: one between western Spain and Portugal with violent thunderstorms and localized flash floods, and the other still active hitting Greece hard with historic floods and many casualties.

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Abnormal heat also in Italy, but signs of change as of the middle of the month. “A large part of Italy is also affected by the African anticyclone dome, particularly the central north, where temperatures are expected to rise significantly during the period until the middle of next week. With peaks reaching 33-35°C by Monday. The heat is also intensifying in the south, which has so far been affected, albeit marginally, by the Mediterranean hurricane, with rainfall, thunderstorms and even strong winds. From September 12 to 13, the anticyclone could be at least partially broken up by an Atlantic disturbance, responsible for rainfall and thunderstorms especially in the north, along with lower temperatures. A development that will, however, require further analysis and confirmation given the time distance,” concluded