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Next week, the predictions are exciting! We explain what will happen from Monday 7

Weather: Next week, forecasts will resonate! We explain what will happen from Monday 7th

Next week is the winter coldThe forecasts for next week are exciting: The center of the snowstorm coming back from Russia is likely to collide with Italy with light and humid winds coming from the west.
From Monday 7 March one Arctic air mass, Descending fast from the White Sea, Friuli Venezia Knock on Bora gates, on the border between Giulia and Slovenia. At the same time, one Mild Atlantic disturbance It approaches Italy from the Balearic Islands.

This is the collision between very different air masses Can trigger There is also heavy snowfall Plain in central-north.
According to the latest data we have, this extreme state of bad weather is expected to coincide with a special day: Tuesday 8 March, ‘International Day for the Rights of Women and International Peace’. With the idea that every day should be ‘International Women’s Rights Day’, it can be said that this year, this holiday is getting even stronger value. The search for international peace.

In the meantime, let’s think about the logo MimosaMentioned in a short poem Pablo Neruda:
“I was almost asleep towards the port of San Geronimo, a mountain of yellow light from winter, a flowering tower appeared on the road and everything was filled with perfume. It was a mimosa.”
There Mimosa, Precisely because the tree began to bloom on January 15 this year as wellIt marks almost 2 months before the holiday.

Then, what happened? The exceptional temperature for the 2022 New Year is over 20 C in the Alps. Mimosas bloom in January, Then at the end of the first ten days of March, lo and behold the snow! And plenty of snow!
As a weather reversal, we must proceed Change the name to months: Already in February 2022 we changed its name February April, The heat everywhere and the sun already seemed to be at Easter. Now we need to call the current month Genarso: Tuesday, March 1 After heavy snowfall, up to the plains in the south, Next week will be like going back 2 months, I.e. in the middle of winter!

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The most accurate and dangerous symptoms come from the latest Weather mapsUpon your arrival:
You risk New snowfall of 40 cm between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany At very low altitudes, not even on the plains. Snow is expected at this time Drought Piedmont (Where it has not rained for 90 days) and another load is expected in between Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo, At least 30 cm.
Tens of thousands of centimeters of snow in March, as if nothing had happened, could cause a disturbance, if confirmed, Significant difficulty for road and rail transport.
After this intense episode, on March 9th, heavy snow is expected in the mountains between Abruzzo and Molise. Then Gennerso can accommodate the spring: But, it is too early to say that the last few weeks have given us a lot of weather surprises.

Let’s follow the surrounding movements White Sea And at BalerixWho knows Collision between these two different air masses!