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Labor: Marche 22.8 million euros to hire the unemployed – Marche

Aguzzi, “We aim for 14,800 in active policies with Progetto Gol”

(ANSA) – ANCONA, MARCH 02 – Boosting employment opportunities for the unemployed, including those with income from citizenship, workers in transition or the vulnerable thanks to €22.8 million for 2022, mostly coming from the NRP, to be used for vocational training and reinstatement training. This is the goal of the Marche region with the launch of the National Five-Year Employment Guarantee Program (JOLP) implementation plan. The plan, explained by the Regional Labor Adviser Stefano Agutzi and the Regional Director Mauro Terzoni, aims to involve about 14,800 people in active labor policies, of whom approximately 11 thousand are vulnerable groups, distributed over the regional territory, (the unemployed are about 80 thousand) against Target in the project (national directives) half.

Employment centers are expected to take charge (orientation, skills) with training centers selected by the area, contact with realities looking for workers, and help private agencies to enter the world of work.

“Gol” anticipates five paths: from “job reintegration”, for the unemployed who do not need to deepen their skills, to “skill improvement”, orientation towards professional modernization with a short course on the chosen skill profile; From “skills rehabilitation” for the unemployed with significant skill shortages or re-transition needs, to “work and inclusion” for the weak or vulnerable, to mass transfers targeting people who are still employed but potentially in transition as a result of corporate crises . actions in which there is hope to be recruited; The territory can then assess any incentive measures to hire, possibly with work grants.

It is difficult to “predict” the number of beneficiaries, so 14,800 is only a preliminary estimate, considering also that not all the unemployed are actively looking for work, but it may also be higher. Depending on the region’s timing, notices will be posted in April, through which potential recipients can apply; In May he will begin to take charge and treat the unemployed (ANSA).

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