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New sensor on Italian traffic lights, here’s its secret operation: Be careful

Traffic control and safety systems are becoming more technical and pervasive, and as previous driving offenses have been more tolerable, electronic eyes sometimes installed at traffic lights make it easier to fall for a single offense or first offense. Traffic lights are getting smarter over time.

From pedestrian crossings that warn the visually impaired of the time remaining at the pedestrian crossing with a sound signal, to intersections with cameras. It is therefore not surprising that traffic offenses and behaviors are increasingly discouraged.

If you see cameras installed on traffic lights, and they may have turned yellow or red, it is legitimate to worry about receiving a fine. But what if you go too fast? Maybe it’s speed cameras that take a nice picture and send us the shot at home with a penalty for speeding? Legitimate concerns, but let’s try to make them clear.

New speed cameras for motorists? A video surveillance system to record the plate numbers of incoming and outgoing vehicles? These are the questions that haunt city motorists affected by the new installation of traffic lights after some workers installed cameras and sensors.

We’ve investigated for you and found out about her function, and we can expect that you never would have imagined her.

What sensors are on the new traffic lights?

speed cameras? Computerized lane detection systems in red to raise fines? No, none of that. Technologies applied to traffic lights simply make them smart and understand when to turn red on one side or the other of an intersection. So it is located around traffic lights save icon.

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The operating system that Google suggests is simple and It communicates directly with the Google Maps app The Giant in Mountain View. When sensors register a queue of a few tens of meters in the face of a low flow in the sideways direction of the intersection, an input is sent to fire the green light and trigger the green light on the traffic light that registers the queue. Then everything is managed on a decentralized basis on Google’s servers. The sensor does nothing but deliver data, which will then be analyzed remotely and a response will be sent to the traffic light for a similar action.

The objectives that the project seeks to achieve are different and critical. Environmental protection can be achieved in various ways, not only by preventing polluting vehicles, but also by avoiding traffic congestion at key points: the air quality in those affected areas is irreversibly affected.

It follows this Reduce the number of vehicles on the line Automatically translates to rReducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants. At the same time Fuel consumption is reducedthus contributing to the provision of energy from non-renewable resources, in short, a long chain.