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Beware of false communication scam


A few minutes ago, the Revenue Agency issued a press release recommending taxpayers to pay maximum attention to false email communications about anomalies that are circulating these days.

a few minutes agorevenue agency Issuance of a notice recommending that taxpayers pay the utmost attention to the issue of false whistleblowing.

In detail, the notice states that the revenue agency has received news:

False communications from the agency, sent by e-mail, reporting alleged irregularities disclosed on the tax return. The text mentions amounts related to foreign investments that have not been announced and suggests the possibility of this Organize this capital Before To be registered in the tax drawer. Here is an example of this email:

Attached to the email is a pdf file that reproduces an official agency document, complete with the official protocol number, seal, signature and name of the officer in charge. Here is an example of the first part of the document:

An email and an attachment both give different indications of the fact that they are fraudulent. For example, but not limited:

  • The texts contain several Obvious grammatical and spelling errors;
  • L ‘Email sender address (infoagenziaentrate[at] on the file The field is not clearly associated with the revenue agency;
  • The sender block at the top left of the document contains a file Grainy and clearly cut logoas well as using a combination of words in Roman and Italic, is certainly unlikely to be a formal note;
  • there signature below he is It’s obviously false.

revenue agency He completely disavows these messages It reminds you that in case of any doubt about the correctness of communications from the Agency, you can contact the contacts available on the website of the institution or the regionally competent office.

Notice from the Revenue Agency November 11, 2022
Fraud attempts by false reporting of deviations in the tax return
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What is phishing and how do you defend yourself

This is not the first time we are witnessing phenomena of this kind, the risk of your data security is always right around the corner.

This is a notorious practice phishing; The technology by which this attack is carried out is now known and very simple: a series of emails is sent to many addresses, often illegally recorded in the database of the sending party.

These emails reproduce, more or less accurately, a known service, for example courier tracking or a bank report (or possibly a communication from the revenue agency itself).

In the body of the message, or in one of its attachments, there is a link that is sent to a web page, as similar as possible to the “original” page, where the unsuspecting user enters information in good faith and confidentially which is thus collected by the attacker.

As the revenue agency writes on the dedicated page “The system, in some ways, is similar to trawling: you cast a net as wide as possible and try to collect what remains entangled in it.The name “phishing” comes from the idea of ​​“hunting” for confidential information.

To defend against these attacks Two basic elements are needed:

  • Good familiarity with IT tools and the consequent use of antivirus and similar tools;
  • Great interest in reading online messages of all kinds.


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