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Never-before-discovered structures inside the Earth, that’s what they are

Never-before-discovered structures inside the Earth, that’s what they are

Scientists call them “blobs” and have now been able to measure their size and structure inside the Earth. Here’s what it’s all about

We learned from school that the Earth is made up of layers. Like onions. On the outside it has a thin crust, then there is a viscous mantle, a liquid outer core and a solid inner core. Inside the cloak two large ones were discovered “Viscous liquid”continent-sized structures e.g 100 times higher than Mount Everest. The first is located under the African continent, and the second is under the Pacific Ocean. Scientists have known about the existence of these structures since the 1980s, but only now, thanks to measuring tools Seismic waves They were able to learn more about their characteristics.

Credit: National News

What do we know about these mysterious structures on Earth?

The authors of this important discovery are scientists from Arizona State University, Qian Yuan and Mingming Li School of Earth and Space Exploration. Through research conducted using geodynamic models, they were able to determine this Maximum heights that these structures have arrived at, as well as to calculate their size and density. The results of their study were recently published in Natural earth sciences.

Under the African continent

The most surprising thing is that the point under the African continent will be from 1000 km, higher than the Pacific Ocean. The best explanation for this is that the point is below Africa Less dense (and therefore less stable) than those under the Pacific Ocean.

A three-dimensional representation of a point on Earth Which lies under Africa. Credit: Mingming Li/Arizona State University

Hundreds of simulations

To conduct their research, the two scientists ran hundreds of simulations on traditional land cover models. Then they added the main factors that could affect its height, volume or viscosity. They later discovered that these “blobs” play a very important role Geological evolution From our planet. There is no doubt that more studies are needed to learn more about these mysterious structures.

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