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A new function arrives for those who use online banking on their smartphones: how it works

A new function arrives for those who use online banking on their smartphones: how it works

If you usually use online banking on your smartphone, this new feature is for you. Here’s how to use it.

Protect your personal data On smartphones it has become necessary nowadays. Especially with regard to banking information, considering that anyone with an account can easily access the services tramite home banking app. With login being done via secure credentials that are provided directly by the organization, but in some cases they can become vulnerable and easy prey for hackers and cybercriminals.

A new function arrives for those who use online banking on their smartphones: How it

But fortunately, it was introduced recently New job Which you should take advantage of immediately if you have had the bank application on your phone for some time and you are afraid that an attacker will be able to access – one way or another – your login data and perhaps You can enter the account. By doing this, you can sleep soundly and ensure that none of your information is compromised. Everything is very easy and fast.

Online banking on your smartphone: the new function to protect you

This new feature that was just introduced is perfect For those using the home banking app On your smartphone. This is a useful tool to be able to access your online bank in complete safety via the app, without having to fear for your personal and access data. It can be activated by following these quick and simple steps. It has not been talked about enough yet, but it may become so soon Information encryption standard

With iOS, there is a tool to protect online banking data on smartphones –

Apple was interested in launching the feature, and it is currently in the experimental phase. With the latest version of iOS 17.3. According to what was explained by some experts and developers who had the opportunity to preview the new feature, there are now some tools on iPhones to prevent cybercriminals from Use stolen access code To open home banking applications. It was all nicknamed Protect stolen devices.

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Going into more detail, we talk about access Tramite Face ID or Touch ID When your iPhone is in an unusual mode. If you can defeat this system, you will have access to all the passwords stored on your device.

But from now on it will not be so, as There will be a delay of one hour before you can perform this operation. Useful time to allow the owner to recover the phone if it is lost or stolen. To activate everything, just go to Settings, Face ID, Code and then select Stolen Device Protection.