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Nations League: Italy meet and defeat Hungary

Winning in the land where Azeglio Viccini was born with a national team full of youth is a good ticket to the future. It is not enough to erase the disappointment of missing the World Cup for the second time in a row, but Roberto Mancini can smile at how he faced Italy and defeated Hungary, coached by his friend Marco, in Cesena, in the second round of the Nations League. Russian.

Thanks goals Stretcher and pilgrims, More and more group leaders and without breaking after Gianluca Mancini’s goal. In a challenge that is not easy, against a physical and motivating team, despite being in June. Indeed, these national team matches were born accompanied by controversy over whether to add official commitments, at the end of the season, to players who are already tired and heading into the holidays.

But the climate at Orogel Stadium in Cesena was only a short summer. The Hungarians arrived in Romania after the surprise victory over England, accompanied by a bevy of fans, more than 1,500 people, who cheered their national team from start to finish, many of them in dark uniforms, making them feel stronger and more organized. Before the match, there were also moments of chaos in the pub, with some ultras from Cesena, promptly resolved by the police. President Viktor Orban, a sovereign who sees sport as one of the sectors that affirms their social model, also traveled to accompany Hungary on the road. The usual orange tie and a large red white and green scarf, he sat in the stands about an hour before the start whistle blew. But even the Azzurri, which was renewed by Mancini, did not take the match lightly.

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They entered the field with concentration, I quickly crossed them twice with Gianluca Mancini, climbed into the center of defense and the second time goalkeeper Debus responded brilliantly. Gnonto had time to click the ball and then rejected the score after one of the many good ideas he had during the match, which played out in full and kept what he promised in remains against the Germans. Then Donnarumma, before the advantage, saved twice, once on Salai diagonally and then in a low exit with his feet. The goal came in half an hour to finish the match to the left of Spinazzola, as the Inter player adjusted the ball from the edge and placed it under the opposite cross, also thanks to a slight deflection. The doubling matured at the end of the first half and was again the result of a match played from the wing, this time from the right as Politano put it in the middle and Pellegrini, now one of the key players, took advantage of his hesitation in defense and a sack.

As it was announced on the eve, Mancini has changed a lot compared to Germany, he is not disfigured. Positive indications came from Donnarumma, who wanted to play despite the problems with a little finger and from a series of good choral movements. In the second half, the Azzurri also had chances to score again, the best of which was with Politano, who hit the crossbar from the edge. Above all, nothing has changed in spirit after the unfortunate own goal from Gianluca Mancini, who sent a low cross from Viola a freshly entrapped him. In the end, there are three points of hope, confirming the positive tradition of this stadium for the national team that has always triumphed here.

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Germany – England 1-1
Germany and England 1-1 in the Nations League Group C match, which also includes Italy. The Germans in the lead with Hoffmann in the 5th, the English equalizer with Kane from a penalty kick in the 43rd inning.