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Cagliari Venice scoreboard: Keita Baldi bluffs Rossoplus, Strootmann is a ghost on the pitch - VOTE

Cagliari Venice scoreboard: Keita Baldi bluffs Rossoplus, Strootmann is a ghost on the pitch – VOTE

Votes and judgements for the Champions League match between the Blues and Rosoblu: Cagliari Venezia Report Cards

Champions match report cards between Cagliari NS VeneziaValid for the seventh day of the championship Serie A 2021/2022.

Mazari Men Report Cards

Cragno 6 No blame on Venice’s accidental goal, he gives safety with various outings with his fists and keeps the opponent’s long-range shots on the ground.

7 . balls He attacks and defends impeccably: his help to the goal of Keita and in the defensive phase he does not pass anything, he is always careful in closing, in progress and in the scores. Very unfortunate at the deviation in the end who mocked Kragno

Godin 6 He plays with experience while also taking some risks, but someone like him can take it: always careful that he does not give chances to his opponents.

Carbon 6.5 Another excellent evidence of Rossobl’s young class of 2001: clean and meticulous in his interventions, he plays like a veteran. (85 ′ ALTARE SV)

Lycogiannis 6 There is little in the offensive phase but he keeps the field and position well, often making a good closing in slip.

NANDEZ 6.5 There is no difference between him and the right and the left: he runs and dribbles everywhere, and he seems to be a player of a higher level

Marine 6,5 It’s Cagliari’s real play, he builds, straightens and always provides a solution for his teammates.

Strutmann 5 Slow, exhausting and confusing: a distant relative of a player seen in Rome. Kevin what happened to you? (85 ′ GRASI SV)

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Diola 6 In the first half he is very active and becomes dangerous with two shots from a distance that engages the opposing goalkeeper (72) ZAPPA 4 He never hits the ball, loses all duels, always goes forward and never dares to go forward)

Joao Pedro 6 He doesn’t find a way to the goal but sacrifices himself a lot for the team and moves well and opens up space for Keita’s moves.

KEITA BUCKET 7 Unleash the race with a great header on a cross from Caceres, on the wings of enthusiasm, try to find many exciting flashes that worry the defense of Nirverde (66′ PAVOLETTI 5.5.0 Update Served few teammates, enters a phase of the match in which Cagliari suffers)