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Naspi 2021, how is it calculated and the amount of unemployment benefit

One of the rules you need to know to understand how much asleep Paid monthly is that the amount of unemployment benefit is calculated according to employee pay date. Specifically, to determine the amount recognized each month, the average salary earned by the worker in the four years prior to the Naspi application is considered.

Naspi 2021 amount equal to 75 percent From the average monthly salary earned in the last four years, but at that time Calculation Specific rules are applied in view of the limits set by the legislation.

Naspi What is the amount and how is it calculated

To calculate the Naspi 2021 amount, it is necessary to divide the total taxable wages for the last four years by the number of weeks of contributions. The quotient is finally multiplied by the number 4.33.

Workers who apply for a benefit are entitled to equals 75% of the average monthly salary, if it is below the 1,227.55 euro limit.

On the other hand, for salaried persons exceeding this limit, the base amount 75% must be added toAdditional 25% share The difference between the average monthly salary and the amount of 1,227.55 euros.

In any case, not each worker will be able to receive a monthly amount exceeding a certain limit, which is reassessed annually on the basis of changes in the Istat index and transmitted by INPS. Naspi 2021 cap set at 1335.40 euros per month.

Naspi, when it is pushed

I don’t fitI get paid monthly, for a number of weeks equal to half of the current subscription weeks in the last four years.

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For the purpose of calculating the term, the subscription periods that actually led to the payment of unemployment benefits are not taken into account. Likewise, the contribution that produced the services used in one payment is not accounted for in advance.

My people, new requirements and news

The general rules envisaged must then be accompanied by innovations brought into account in the economic and employment emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Exclusively for 2021, the décalage mechanism has been suspended, i.e. Monthly discount of 3% of the amount Recognized from the fourth month of Naspi use.
The novelty was introduced by Sostiny’s decree In essence, if the amount of Naspi decreases gradually, usually, for allowances paid from June 1 to December 31, 2021, the downsizing stops, only to return to submission starting January 1, 2022.

However, the beginning of the new year will lead to one year Superfine Important from Naspi: The amount due, starting from January 1, 2022, will be calculated through the app Total Frozen Discounts In the second half of this year.