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Rafella car, applause and songs as the coffin exits Santa Maria in Aragoli


The crowd chanted the lyrics of the most popular songs from “Guy Say Musica Maestro” to “Palo Palo” and long applause and songs greeted the exit of the coffin. Raffaella car At the end of the funeral service at Santa Maria in Aracoli. Basilica It is set with floral tributes that came these days of the funeral home. Of all the yellow dominances, the artist and presenter’s favorite color Disappeared On July 5 at the age of 78 (Photo storyI SUOI ​​LOOKMemories on social mediaDeaf and weakSpecial). Artist’s coffin He was in church for more than twenty minutes to allow a long line of relatives and friends to say goodbye to the simple coffin. Then departure, heard by agents of the Roma Capitol, with much more applause. Lifelong companion, and family members.

Memory of colleagues

Among the chiefs who came to Piazza del Cambidoglio Sergio Japino in light gray attire were Roy CEO Fabrizio Salini, Milli Carlosi, Massimo Lopez, Carmen Rousseau and Enzo Paulo Turci, Michael Cucca, Pepe Converdine, Alessa. “I could not stop crying when I heard the news – says Carmen Russo – Raffaella taught us all the art, and she must continue to be a role model. Turchi, moved, remembers, “It started with Raffaella, and she doesn’t look like I lost a sister today.”

Long minute applause following the words of the family who studied at Lorena Biancetti Church. “What a great woman, what a great artist, what a great man, she’s a symbol of a century and a millennium. Maybe we see what she’s now, a gift,” Biancetti moved. Applause “Today – he finished – everything is for you”. Leaving the church with a simple coffin for the church, the official lovers also stopped applauding.

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Fred Castaldi: “Raffaella will save us from rhetoric”

Simon Castaldi, the four Capuchin lovers of San Giovanni Rotondo, work with him to open the funeral. “The pain is so great, rhetoric can be an easy way out, but Rafella will save us from rhetoric. He is many things but never rhetoric,” Brother Simon Castaldi introduced the funeral. “Who knows if we realize how important artists are and how good they are. In heaven it will be a party to be together, and I hope we will find Rafella there because it is a party. Sequence,” he stressed.

First in San Giovanni Rotondo in Argentario

“Rafella often came to San Giovanni Rotondo, and it was his choice to return. For this reason, we will arrange ourselves soon with Sergio Japino, because his funeral will be held at the church of Badre Pio and then in Argentina.” This was announced at the end of Father Francesco de Leo Homili.

Mayor Rocky: “Thank you Rafella, you are in the hearts of all of us.”

“Thanks Rafella,” said Virginia Rocky instead. “Simple words that unite us, we are all here to greet you, in Angus, in the square, in the houses”. Recalling the mayor of Rome, Raffaella said, “Everyone is a simple, icon who transcends national boundaries. Because of his extraordinary success, an innate talent, he was able to speak of time, work and the accuracy of study, and even a secret. Ability to drag everyone who saw it. I think everyone can agree on an adjective for her, unforgettable, Rome has become her city, we Romans will never forget it. Hi Raffella, thank you for what you did and for leaving us. “

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Funeral Procession


Farewell to Rafella Carey: Funeral in Rome

It happened on Wednesday, July 7, just before 4 p.m. Funeral Procession Starting from his home in the district of Vigna Clara in northern Rome, the Royal Ceremony marked its historic landmarks, the auditorium of For Italico, the studios in Via delato, and the headquarters of Dietro del Vettori and Viole Massini. Hundreds of people line up in Italy and beyond. In the metallic gray of the original wooden coffin desired by the artist and conductor, the moved Sergio Japino also traveled with the driver, who again greeted the people waiting on the way.


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