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NASA, how did life begin on Earth?  Faith and reason

NASA, how did life begin on Earth? Faith and reason

Astrobiology: How did life begin on Earth?

NASA is trying to answer a big question: How did life begin on Earth? As the US space agency explains, “We don’t know for sure, but this fundamental question is a driving force in astrobiology research at NASA. Understanding how life originated on our planet can provide us with insight into the possibility of life throughout the universe.” . We publish the Italian video and text.

“How did life begin on Earth? Astrobiologist Sean Domagal-Goldman explains our search for answers. We asked a NASA scientist. Well, we actually don’t know. But trying to answer this question is so much fun because it takes us to fantastical, fantastical places and environments. He thinks Some people say it started in hydrothermal fumaroles, in the deepest, darkest, warmest parts of the ocean. Others think it was created in small pools where material accumulated and concentrated. Others think it may have formed in environments that were a mixture of these things, as if a collider a large amount of space from outer space has created a pond with fumaroles at the bottom.And part of our research work is to observe these environments, the wild places that might have existed on early Earth that gave rise to life, the chemistry needed for life to arise, and also to think about what is life first and What you need. At NASA, through funding from chemists, geologists, astronomers and planetary scientists, we are able to bring together the expertise needed to answer these questions in detail. We do this through the NASA Astrobiology Program. Incorporating thinking about how life originated or could arise elsewhere, we incorporate these considerations into our missions and plan the search for life on planets beyond Earth, whether it be Mars or the ocean worlds in our outer solar system, or using large space telescopes. It is able to search for signs of life on planets around other stars. So how did life begin on Earth? We don’t know, but we’re working on this because it’s important to the history of life on our home planet and our search for life beyond Earth and to answer the other question: “Are we alone?” We asked a NASA scientist.

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NASA Credits, NASA 360 Productions.

Image: NASA, Earth from the Moon, LRO Lunar.

Source Scientific Journal SRM – Science and Religion in the Media Available here. NASA: How did life begin on Earth?