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Fats, do not exclude them from your diet: you risk not knowing and not imagining |  Take care

Fats, do not exclude them from your diet: you risk not knowing and not imagining | Take care

If, losing weight, we follow the principle of eliminating the most caloric foods from the diet, the avocado would be the first on the list in this example, being more caloric than a donut – (photo Canva)

The miraculous solutions to losing weight at any cost with sometimes very strict diets have become very popular

Follow one A very strict diet It often leads to a common mistake: losing weight and then gaining the weight back. Unfortunately, it is the classic situation that leads to a The vicious circle Hence it becomes difficult to disengage.

It is proven that if you deprive yourself of many of the pleasures of the table, you will not be able to maintain it My diet long.

The experts — nutritionists and nutritionists — have repeatedly pointed out how balanced diet It is the basis for achieving an ideal weight and a sense of physical and psychological comfort.

It is always a good idea to follow a food plan that allows us to do so Practically everythingAnd to maintain our ideal weight over time.

Not all fats are created equal

Deprive yourself of most of the fats from your diet – just like when you follow us Unbalanced diets – If on the one hand it can reduce the daily calorie intake, on the other hand it entails negative consequences.

First of all, not all fats should be demonized but marked as good (o unsaturated) and bad (ie those saturated). We find the good in foods like avocados, nuts and extra virgin olive oil, while the bad in fried foods, greasy cheese and butter.

Unsaturated fats, heart health aids – (Photo Canva)

Consequences of a fat-free diet

A diet low or completely devoid of good fats Heart health is at risk. Unsaturated fat consumption is associated with a lower risk of heart disease Cardiovascular diseases And to increase in Cognitive abilities. Fat deficiency can cause feeling Fatigue and lack of energycould be endangered hormone production And the body’s ability to fight is me inflammatory processes and weakens immune system: in fact many vitamins are fat-soluble (eg A, D, E, K), meaning that a lack of fat causes Poor absorption of vitamins Necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system.

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Moreover, contrary to what one might think, a fat-free diet does not lead to weight loss, it can lead to weight loss. overweight. In fact, omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to play an important role in Getting rid of body fatEspecially those at high belly.