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Names and elimination in the semi-finals

Names and elimination in the semi-finals


The semi-finals were scored today: seven contenders and five places for the last episode, who will be there to fight for victory?

Who are the finalists for Friends’ Evening 2022? There should be no last minute surprises about the number of finalists this time around, like last year. Maria de Filippi Already announced during the day that the finalists will be five, just like in the previous version (When Didi was the fifth final surprise). The final is unlikely to be six: there will be too many of them in one episode. Today’s leak Qualified in the Amici 2022 semi-finalsThat was recorded in the afternoon and will be broadcast Saturday 7 May 2022. What will happen and how will it happen?

Also in this Maria had already intervened. There will be the usual three matches, and at the end of each of them there will be a final player chosen by the judges. The first and third match is between singers and the second is between dancers. The four who did not win any of the three matches will go to the remaining two places in the poll. So the latest sweatshirts from Friends’ Night Final 2022. With regard to the ballot, there are no limits in terms of categories: they can be singers or dancers, or random singers and dancers.

Who will be there? The Offered by Amici on Saturday 7 May They came as usual from the profile Friends news. It looks like today’s recording will be long, in fact details are missing at the moment but the first rumors have already surfaced. While registration is still in progress, i The names of the finalists Selected in the matches: Cissy, Michel and Luigi.

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Alex, Serena, Albee and Dario are still in the match for the last two places: who will be able to take the heavyweight shirt and who will end up between Eliminated in the semi-finals of the evening Amici 2022? Alas, to find out we have to wait: the names will be discovered in the house at the end of the episode. But there are the results of the matches. Before the Singers’ Arena, there was a challenge to decide who would be a snitch to the match. So Cissy, Luigi, and Albee are against each other. Sisi won, and there were these challenges:

  • Sisi wins against Luigi, Sisi wins;
  • Sisi vs Luigi wins;
  • Alex vs. the Elbe, Alex wins.
  • Alex vs Sisi, Sisi wins.

Sisi in the final. The second match saw the dancers as heroes. Michelle won the initial challenge, so he started:

  • Michel vs Dario, Michel wins;
  • Michelle vs. Serena, Serena wins;
  • Michelle challenges against Dario, Michel wins.

Michelle in the final. In the third the singers came back and this time Luigi started, then the following challenges occurred:

  • Luigi vs. Alex, Alex wins;
  • Luigi vs. Alex, Luigi wins;
  • Luigi’s challenge against Albee, Albee wins;
  • Luigi vs. Albi, Luigi wins.

Luigi in the final. The other four competed in the poll and will be revealed on Saturday Who are the last two finalists for the Amici 2022. Host Semi-finals on Saturday 7 May 2022 It will be Marco Mingoni. Also great expectation to know final datewhich will not be on Saturday 14 May because there will already be a Eurovision Song Contest final.

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