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The fight between my youngsters and my singers in Maurizio Costanzo's show - video

The fight between my youngsters and my singers in Maurizio Costanzo’s show – video

Parliamentary and art critic Vittorio my little boy Journalist Giampiero Mogini was the protagonist of a brawl with insults at the Parioli Theater in Rome during the taping of an episode of the Maurizio Costanzo Show that aired yesterday. In the scene you can see the petrified Eva Zanichi and the journalist Giuseppe Crocciani trying to separate the contenders. A discussion about Russia could have led to a clash. According to the singer Al Bano, Corriere della Sera The fight began after Costanzo’s question about Putin: “It was Mugeni who got up and went to my little boy, and the young man got up at that time, and the words of insults and pushes flew. But if they don’t cut the scene, you’ll see it on TV: It was a fight between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. I spoke with Eva Zaniecki, but we all intervened to quell this event, which was also dangerous in some ways because my cub fell again on his chair, pushed by Mugeni, and a board fell 5 cm from the cub. It was unbelievable and unexpected.”

According to Al Bano, one of the causes of the quarrel was Mughni’s statement about him: “Singers should not talk about politics.” My AdnKronos Scabbi offered a different version: “I said we couldn’t prevent Russian artists or Russian athletes from performing in Italy, he said instead that it should be banned, I responded and he tried to beat me. It all started from this site. I repeat that art must have neither geographical nor political borders.” There is a precedent: during Tonera Italia in 2019 The two took the oath while arguing about politics, justice, and the judiciary.

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