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My friend Noah was kidnapped on a motorcycle at a wild party while I was on vacation in Italy” –

My friend Noah was kidnapped on a motorcycle at a wild party while I was on vacation in Italy” –

there Noa ArgamaniThe girl who (on social networking sites) We saw her screaming in despair as her boyfriend pushed her away and forcefully took her away On a motorcycle at a wild party in the desert he was attacked by Hamas terrorists. but Here she is smiling happily Intertwined with Shlomit and next to another dear friend, Tal, the author of the self-portrait. the They have not yet lost sight of the massacre that destroyed the festival In the Negev Desert, a stone’s throw from the border with the Gaza Strip. He says: “It was last February, we were in a park near our house in Beersheba,” the southern city at the entrance to the Israeli desert. courier From Rome, the same hill, which is a Hebrew term meaning dew. Tears flowed down her face when she – a tourist in Italy – discovered what had happened to her friend. to”I was visiting Sorrento when a video of Noa screaming as she was kidnapped appeared on my phone. I feel devastated, and anxiety attacks me at night. During the day I try to do what I can, I am active on social media, and the world needs to understand that we are dealing with terrorists. I have opened an assistance group for the most vulnerable and affected Israelis.”

This afternoon under the Trevi Fountain Tall Indyporker Police raided a performance by street artist Louisa Constantine to commemorate Noa and 125 other Israelis held hostage by Hamas. She, who created startups for young people on behalf of an NGO, now does nothing but think about how to liberate them. “The international community must do more,” he says.

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Where will Noah be and what happened to her? The lack of any news takes your breath away: «The two of us grew up together, were classmates in high school, and then served military service at the same base» (In Israel there is a compulsory military service of two years for women and three years for men). Noaa then enrolled at Ben Gurion University in the Negev to study computer science.

Tal hopes her friend’s resilience will be enough to save her life. “Noah is an outgoing girl who loves being around people, she has friends all over the world, she is a traveler, she recently crossed South America on her own and had just returned from Sri Lanka.”

For Tal, the holiday has just begun, and he has been looking forward to returning home for days. “I canceled my flight. I was supposed to return to Israel on Wednesday,” the eve of Noah’s 26th birthday. That evening, her parents, Israeli Yaakov and Chinese Liora, had dinner with cake and two empty chairs: one for her and one for her boyfriend, who had also been kidnapped. “Noah, we are waiting for you at home to celebrate your birthday,” Ms. Argamani said in an interview, hoping that her daughter would somehow be able to receive the message.

Originally from Wuhan, China, Noa’s mother asked Xi Jinping for help. Beijing has been criticized by the United States and Europe for failing to condemn violent attacks by Hamas. Addressing the Chinese leader, Ms. Argamani pleaded: “Please try to help us, we will be grateful.”

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