Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Mother breastfeeds during scheduled flight but was filmed by crew: ‘Cover up, there are men and children’


Another story comes from Reddit

Breastfeeding your baby for many mothers is the most natural gesture in the world and any context is just fine, depending on the need. But in flight fromAmerican Airlines I asked the hostess pleasant to stop doing that. The young mother was breastfeeding her baby when a flight attendant told her to “cover up” because “there are men and children around.” The story was told by Sarah herself reddit: “I took my five month old on her third trip yesterday. (…) She is a bit of an eater and sleeper, as long as she is on my shoulders and has access to food and the important thing is that her head is not covered”. then: “Halfway through the flight, a flight attendant patted me on the shoulder. “I had to cover myself,” she said. Because “there were men and children around us”“.

Sarah explained that the face assistant, ignoring her words while trying to explain that the covered girl will not eat, or rather will get nervous, and the woman repeats that she has to cover herself “ordinary courtesy”. Her request, for which Sarah could not find a logical reason:There was no nipple or even areola showing. The tops of my boobs were on display, but… I mean, I showed more cleavage on a weekend night. Swimsuits show more.” So, Sarah went to ask other assistants for help, but to her disappointment, she was again told “common courtesy.”

How did it end? “It turns out that a father sitting next to me with his kids brought up the issue. My little girl cried for the last 45 minutes of the trip. I tried to breastfeed her cap but she refused. Obviously the people around us were frustrated. I don’t blame them. I got frustrated too.” After the return trip, where she was able to breastfeed the baby openly without complications, the mother did so complaint to the company. on Twitter She wrote: “Can you tell me why, while breastfeeding my baby yesterday on Flight AA2962 from Des Moines to Charlotte (USA, Mr. Dr), I was told by three flight attendants that “it’s common courtesy to cover up when men and children are around?” Not long after the answer: “All mothers are welcome to breastfeed during the flight and we regret that this was not the case yesterday, ”a company spokesperson apologized. He added privately that he would escalate the matter to cabin crew management.

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