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“PD Macho”.  Hate dem on alicia morani for a photo on social media

“PD Macho”. Hate dem on alicia morani for a photo on social media

Alicia Morani Didn’t expect that. She didn’t, rightly, think that that shot posted on social media could get her the most Silly criticism By comrades Dem. and the belief that the photo posted by the former deputy on Instagram was not disturbing or inappropriate; In fact, pictures of her in an elegant pose. But the reactionary deference of some progressives (it may sound like an oxymoron, but it isn’t), has turned the image into something reprehensible. It is inappropriate.

The image on social networking sites and criticism from the left

Thus, Morani found herself infected by a series of goblins Judicial commentsAlso coming from the left. “They always count the haters. But there were attacks from my party, which I did not expectsaid the former deputy of the Democratic Labor Party courier, expressing his amazement at this specious controversy. “She was photoMade up, not at all winking or vulgar. I don’t understand. A picture my partner took of me on my birthday, January 3rd. I was sitting in profile, fully clothed. But even if she was wearing a costume, what harm could be done?The former undersecretary added.

“The Deep Chauvinist Man Pd”

Then the bitter confession:I am strengthened by the conviction that my party is deeply rooted chauvinisticMoreover, after several hours of that whirlwind of criticism, there was no expression of solidarity from Labor figures, usually in the forefront. Feminist battles. “The problem is that they want to slaughter femininity. Someone wrote to me: “You should do like Carvegna who, to prove her competence, kills her femininity.” Medieval stuffMorandi added, again referring to comments received on the web.

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“friendly fire” on the former deputy of Deem

In particular, the former deputy took the matter on a certain Michele Testoni who – he explained – “On Facebook he says he is a teacher and vice president of the Madrid Committee of the Democratic Party and the Psoe Party“. The user, according to the former deputy, would have stirred up controversy.”She wrote, “A member of my party should avoid this kind of repetitive photo, which is definitely inappropriate.” And he doesn’t even know that I’m no longer a deputyAlicia Morani complained, then went on to confess:the friendly fire I didn’t imagine it. On the right they are in front of us, they give us lessons. Just look at Prime Minister Meloni. She does not give up her femininity and no one tells her anything. Among other things, I find it much nicer now than it was a few years ago. Obviously, his self-awareness had increased“.

Finally, Morani addressed the men of his party with an invitation to “to be Less fanaticalRespect the role of a woman who can be proudly feminine without being labeled“Fortunately,” he concluded.There was also a male Democrat who said to me: Never mind“.