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Macron torpedoed the minister

Macron torpedoed the minister

From our correspondent
Paris – cover up play boyAnd even more so the mismanagement of Marian’s two millionth fund in memory of the professor Samuel Pattythey were right Marilyn SchiappaThe forty-year-old, early Macronian, has been in government since the president’s first term in 2017.

Macron Go to a Government amendment Without major surprises, he renews his confidence in Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne and in all but the most important ministers Bab Ndiaye He was replaced by Gabriel Attal in the Education Department. Schiappa was Minister of State for the Social, Solidarity and Environmental Economy: a position on paper that was not a major position but that was interpreted with great communication skills, a position that Macron and his associates had. Influential advisor, his wife Brigitte.

During her previous stint, at Parity for Men and Women, Schiappa pledged to fight harassment on the street by imposing fines of up to 750 euros. Above all, he has always defended the president’s word on all occasions, even at times when Macron was more quarrelsome and other ministers preferred not to expose themselves. Brave, unbiased, and sometimes too much.

Prime Minister Bourne has not forgiven her – “a totally inappropriate choice”, as she puts it – Long service and Playboy cover On the 8th of last April. A 12-page interview, “On Women’s Freedom and Feminism.” On that occasion, Schiappa’s entourage explained: “She is the first politician to appear on the cover of Playboy while speaking about women’s freedom in Afghanistan and mentioning that France defends the right to abortion but also the rights of LGBT people in the world.”

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In her farewell message on Twitter yesterday, Marilyn Schiappa claims that she has “bridged bridges between those who watch TPMP (TV garbage symbol, ed.) and those who listen to podcasts of French culture, between anti-capitalists and billionaires, between barbecue lovers and bean sprouts lovers.” Already an author of sensational books, in the future of Marlene Schiappa there could be a job in the large Publicis communications group.

Another notable farewell is that of Pape Ndiaye, moreover the only minister who intervened to support the journalists in Journal du Dimanche The month-long strike against the far-right director imposed by the new owner, Vincent Bolloré. A young man (34 years old) has been promoted to replace Ndiaye in education Gabriel Attal Former government spokesperson and budget minister, he was immediately challenged because he was called to restart the public school because he had never spent a day there (he was born into a wealthy family, only attended private school since kindergarten).