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Monkeypox: 35 thousand cases per week.  WHO: 'Infection rises 20%' - Medicine

Monkeypox: 35 thousand cases per week. WHO: ‘Infection rises 20%’ – Medicine

Approximately 35 thousand cases monkeypox From 92 countrieswith 12 deaths. About 7,500 were registered last week, and 20% more From the previous week when the increase was 20%. general manager ofohms, Tedros Gebresus During the World Health Organization press conference. Most cases of Europe And the America.

monkey pox in some Patients may not show obvious symptoms This can make it even more It is difficult to contain the spread from the virus. Fear has been rife in the scientific community since the beginning of the pandemic, and now new evidence comes from an investigation intoBichat Claude Bernard Hospital From Paris and published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. French doctors tested anal swabs from 200 people who regularly checked other infectious diseases at the health facility for monkeypox. Of these, 13 of them tested positive for monkeypox even though they never showed any distinct signs of the disease. Two of them, in the days after the tests, had manifestations of the disease, but the remaining 11 remained completely asymptomatic. This isn’t the first time that asymptomatic cases of monkeypox have been positive: At the end of June, for example, three cases were reported by researchers at a Belgian clinic in a study in The Lancet. So far, the magnitude of the phenomenon is unclear. Furthermore, the researchers explained, “It is not known whether positivity indicates a viral spread that can lead to transmission.” If so, it would be difficult to break chains of infection: for example, “the practice of circular vaccination around people with monkeypox infection may not be sufficient to contain the spread,” they wrote.

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