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Weather with air flow from the Balkans, high temperature and thunderstorms

Weather with air flow from the Balkans, high temperature and thunderstorms

after, after outburst Thunder Storm that will continue until the gates weekendThe weather forecast You will find the right between Saturday And the Sunday A way out of this highly unstable context. So the atmosphere is preparing to return to calm again, even if only for a short time.

The reason for this return to calmer weather conditions can be found in the stabilization of the offshootsHurricane Azores Always decentralized in the middle of the Atlantic. Moreover, his presence in recent years has become almost a luxury. But with this novelty, the weather will return well, especially in northern Italy, whereThe emperor will increase significantlybut with no high humidity.

But immediately with the beginning next weeka moderate influx of fresh air at high altitudes coming from the Balkans, will be thrown into our regions from the center where it will form a small but insidious region cyclonic vortex Ready to report strong instability scenarios starting from the regions of central and southern Italy, Venezi and Emilia-Romagna. Atmospheric instability will be more moderate in the northwest.

After that, the cyclonic zone will move at a higher altitude to the south and at least upwards Wednesday The meteorological picture will not be able to achieve complete stability. Just Temperatures They will be able to take a few steps forward in anticipation of climbing more aggressively in the following days. This expected news is very recent, and we reserve the right to analyze it at future dates.

From Thursday Seems to be back african cyclone Which, even if exposed to dangers from the North in a long season but now on its way to its final stages, will still be able to restore just stability and above all new and decisive a plus subordinate Temperatures In all probability.

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Will the 40-degree heat return after that? likely number From here to a week, even if Temperatures However, it will always be very hot compared to the average climate for that period. But now, unfortunately, this is no longer a new thing!