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"He's the only ex that I did with him."  A very special revelation - Libero Quotidiano

“He’s the only ex that I did with him.” A very special revelation – Libero Quotidiano

Wild Lucarelli She indulged in very private confessions about her love life. to Sunday atGuest Mara Veneer On the May 9 episode, the journalist re-tracked some well-known reports. One in between every one with Andrea ScanziHe also signs Occurrence every day. “Lucarelli has admitted in Rai1’s living room – he is the only ex-person who was with him. After a stormy period of mutual hate, we looked at each other and decided that we are too similar to love each other. Good narcissists. The one with whom. It is a relationship beyond friendship. “.

But Lucarelli is currently working with another man. In fact, since 2015, the journalist has been linked to Lorenzo Piaggiarelli, Boy younger than her. Although, as she admitted herself, it was not the first time that she had entered into relationships with people fifteen years younger than her: “They were the happiest. The most authentic. The one where I felt loved, wanted, and flirted. But I’m not a young collector, it just happened. In fact, young people tend to reject them in advance. If that happens, I would pick young people with their heads, accomplishments, and independent, not like a tronista or scammers, and also because the future Lori Del Santo He added sarcastically that AC Milan scared me a lot. “

On the other hand, he always kept the words of love about Lorenzo: “This is Lorenzo, this wonderful boy for whom every day there is a new reason to be happy. And if there is no new reason, then the person from the previous day is fine too.” However, Lucarelli also lived a nightmare: what she defines ‘Sick love’. “I was completely wiped out and my whole world revolved around him,” she breathed on a former partner who had also robbed her of her self-confidence, which she ended up with now.

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