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Milan, Pioli still has two cards to try to keep the Rossoneri's bench  Primabagina

Milan, Pioli still has two cards to try to keep the Rossoneri's bench Primabagina

I Milan He turns around his coach Stefano Pegs. Both Rossoneri players and managers have repeatedly expressed their closeness to the Parma coach in front of the cameras. Unmistakable signs of a group that wants to end the season in the best way possible by thinking match after match. Then, as always happens, The results will determine the future of art direction.

Ongoing discussions – In recent weeks, at least a dozen Milan coaches have been contacted. Some leads, both Italian and foreign, have already been explored, but at present there is no preferred candidate for the Devil's Seat. Conte, Motta, De Zerbe and Lopetegui are certainly different characters but they have characteristics that Casa Milan finds interesting. It will be explored further through discussions about future projects and ambitions.

Two cards to link – After a bad draw in Salerno, Pioli was practically sacked. On the one hand, the lack of ready-made, quality alternatives during the current season, and on the other hand, the opinion of the senators who voted to trust the coach led to the confirmation of the latter. The chances of him remaining coach of Milan next season are not high Because in the final ruling, exclusion from the Champions League groups and the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup will have a certain weight. Fate already sealed? Not yet, Pioli is still doing it Two playing cards. The first concerns the European League: Potential final success could strengthen Fiorentina's previous position. The championship card is less powerful because the distance from Inter seems unbreakable. The stadium could become an ally of Pioli in the coming months.

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