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La nuova frontiera della salute digitale: al CNEL si discute sullo “spazio europeo dei dati sanitari”

The new frontiers of digital health: the ‘European Health Data Area’ is discussed at CNEL

Discussion day at CNEL organized by the CIU Unionquadri sponsored by the EESC (European Economic and Social Committee), with the Military Health Inspectorate, the Ministry of Health, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and the Confindustria, in the presence of the major strategic companies in the sector.

CNEL President Tiziano Treu stressed that the European Health Data Area is one of the priorities of the European Commission in the health sector, and above all it will be an opportunity to implement good policies with regard to the health and well-being of citizens.

After the welcome message from the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Labor, Cons. Mauro Nouri, CIU Unionquadri in the person of President Gabriela Ancora, catalysed the initiative as a moment of broad reflection, with the participation of institutions and companies, on the new implications arising from the European area of ​​health data, especially for the CIU, New professionsrelating to data and its use, the role of digital platforms, the relationship between public and private, applicable rules, and technological innovation.

For Maurizio Menci, Adviser to the European Economic and Social Commission “In the European Data Area we are in the presence of a paradigm shift in the EU’s health strategy: an ecosystem made up of rules, practices and infrastructures to assist the patient/citizen and guide health policy choices”.

For Francesco Riva, CNEL Adviser and Coordinator of the Health, Sports and Nutrition Working Group, “The European region will allow the EU to fully exploit the potential of data use and reuse, especially after the pandemic period, in which each member state went its own way. That is why the EHDS is a point Fundamental because it confirms that health has no borders by opening innovative approaches, for example to cancer investigations, thanks to the possibility of processing such data and thus being able to obtain a real-time status of the incidence of tumors throughout the Federation.”

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The class day follows a project that began with the symposium on the electronic health record, a tool that will soon become the “true test” of progress in innovation in the world of health.

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