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Murgia attacks Meloni: "How to sell gluten-free bread ..."

Murgia attacks Meloni: “How to sell gluten-free bread …”

The book Georgia Maloney Provokes some dissatisfaction on the left. The reason? Apparently no one is justifying it, it is an autobiography and not a political advertisement. But, even so, Italy has long been out of editorial censorship, so there is no reason to ignore a book. Still, the intell Launched a campaign against the left and some particularly important booksellers I am Georgia, Which is enjoying excellent sales success. Trito e Rovcio hosted by Paulo del Depio and telecast live on Red 4 on Thursday Reached by Phone Michela Murkia, Which endorsed the ideas of those who interfered with sales.

170 books are published a day in Italy. No bookseller sells those 170 books and buys and displays them. Each chooses something similar for its customers. If I were a baker with only Celiac customers, selling bread with gluten would be uselessThis is a sign of the journalist’s objection to the comparison between a bakery and a bookstore. Freedom of thought Regarding cultural exchange, the author responded: “No, the library is a symbol of the exchange of ideas and culture. In fact, Georgia Meloni’s book is in all libraries“.

So, on the phone with Michela Murcia, the journalist pressed the Sardinian writer into the idea that not selling the book by the leader of the Italian brothers could be seen as a censorship of the culture of a stream of thought. Not aligned. But Murkia does not fit: “Absolutely not. A bookseller may also decide to do so Political choices. Is it legal or fair to choose the products you want to display?. Understand.

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Finally, to the journalist pointing to the past as the Democratic nominee of the first bookseller to proudly announce not to sell Georgia Meloni’s book, Michela Murcia responded: “There is a law prohibiting a bookseller who is politically affiliated from selling the books they ask for The enemy? God forbid that the bookseller should display books contrary to his ideas to ensure its democracy“.