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Mercedes eActros 600, the new electric truck makes its debut with 500 kilometers of autonomous driving

Mercedes eActros 600, the new electric truck makes its debut with 500 kilometers of autonomous driving

Mercedes Benz trucks New revealed eActros 600, electric truck Which according to the manufacturer aims to become the new standard for road freight transport in terms of technology, sustainability, design and profitability for fleet operators. Sales will start this year but production will only start at the end of 2024. This new model is the result of long development work and features many technological innovations.

Engine and shipping

Mercedes announces that it paid a lot of attention to the design of the truck to improve aerodynamics as much as possible, which is a very important aspect when we talk about this category of vehicles. This model is designed for a total weight of up to 44 tons. With a standard semi-trailer, the new eActros 600 has a payload capacity of approximately 22 tonnes in the EU.

For the truck, the German manufacturer has developed a new 800-volt electric axle with two electric motors and a four-speed transmission designed specifically for trucks of this type. In general, electrical units can rely on one unit Maximum capacity 600 kW (400 kW continuous). Depending on the driving conditions, the driver can choose five different levels of energy recovery. Through the digital cockpit it is possible to activate the “one-pedal” driving mode.

The new eActros 600 can rely on three sets of batteries, each with a power of 207 kWh. Total capacity 621 kWh. Batteries depend LFP (lithium iron phosphate) cells.. The engineers involved in developing the electric truck have worked to ensure that the eActros 600 delivers Same duration as the endothermic model. This means up to 1.2 million kilometers in ten years of operation.

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After this period of use, according to Mercedes, the “health status” of the battery should remain above 80%. Moreover, unlike other technologies, with LFP it is possible to use approximately 95% of the installed capacity.

Speaking of autonomy, Mercedes claims its truck is capable of that Travel 500 km Without having to recharge. In fact, on a single charge, it is possible to make a trip of up to 1,000 kilometers in one day. However, the German brand points out that around 60% of its customers’ long trips in Europe are less than 500km anyway.

As for charging, the new eActros 600 can refuel up to one car Power: 400 kW DC. Later, the truck will have it too Megawatt Charge (MCS) Which will allow you to go from 20 to 80% charge in about 30 minutes. The powertrain features a Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) management system that evaluates a series of parameters to allow you to adopt the most efficient driving style possible.

Also standard is the Multimedia Cockpit Interactive 2 system, which constantly informs the driver of the battery charge level, remaining range and energy consumption.