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Men’s Watches: The Collection Inspired by the Myth of NASA Astronauts


Always in the collective imagination, a strong reference also to the colors of spacesuits

Allowances and colors In fact, they remember, too Colors of spacesuits Swatch’s five new “space collection” models, which open a new chapter in its Bioceramic line of watches, consisting of Two-thirds of ceramics and one-third of bioplastics. the first , Big Bold Chrono outside the vehicleInspired by iconography White space suit. First worn in 1983 by NASA astronauts Story Musgrave and Donald Peterson, it shields from solar radiation. The Advanced Crew Escape Suit, also known as the OrangeColorful Pumpkin Jumpsuit”, Used to go up into space, as inspiration for the model Big Bold Chrono launch. Then there is a file Bold Big Jumpsuit, Which indicates Blue overalls Astronauts wear it in daily activities, to press conferences, or while working inside a US space agency facility.

Curiosity of – To conclude the “space group” there are models Take me to the moon Gent, With a transparent case, e The new space race is a gent, With a silver mirror effect dial. finally, Curiosity ofIn 1996, astronaut Claude Nicollier (the first Swiss to go to space) wore the Swatch Access To Space – SKZ100 watch while on the space shuttle Columbia on an Italian satellite launch mission. Then this watch was handed over to Mr. Nicholas J. Hayek is now on display in the museum at the Swatch headquarters in Belle, Switzerland.

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