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Emanuele Binetti

“Friends of De Nittis” to give space to Barletta’s beautiful things

Emmanuel Benetti is twenty-seven years old, he works in the field of graphic design and photography and is currently living his Erasmus experience in Spain. Before leaving, as a sensitive person with a passion for art, he gave life to the project Friends of De Nittis An idea and then a community in his honor.

Emanuel created a virtual space in which to discover, explore and, above all, “shorten the distance with the Palazzo della Mara in Barletta”. his idea Born out of thin air, to fill the absence of the painter in his homeland. In fact, after achieving dizzying success in Naples, London and Paris, De Nittis was only reconnected with Barletta by birth, causing that “emptiness” that Binetti recognized.

It is from this groove that the Friends of de Nittis project is named to make this figure immortal by enthusiasts and artists, young and old, who admire his art not only as a citizen but as an expert and professional impressionist. And Emmanuel himself admits that the name of the project actually contains his connection to the painter: “He’s the friend I wanted to meet.”.
Perhaps this person to be dealt with by approaching two different worlds, Photography and drawing, albeit with close physiognomy. In this mixture of points of view, art and aesthetics, Emanuel explains his personal vision of art: «Every new morning I go out into the streets looking for colours – Says, Cesar Pavez appeal -. For me, art is: a need that leaves you free to choose how to color your days.”

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Emanuel’s goal is to find friends of De Nittis scattered all over the world and create a forum, a continuous dialogue about art that takes place via social networks to connect almost all points of this dense network. “Thanks to the help of my collaborators, I want to reach out above all to young people because I think the emotional side is very important: it’s easier to talk to young people when you’re still a boy”.

For this reason, Emmanuel also chose other tools to communicate with the largest possible audience, such as podcast, a project sponsored by The Voice of Prof. Michelle Lasala which you can also find Instagram page.

Temporary physical distance is not an issue for Benetti. She chose to cooperate with various local associations, such as the Association. Leo Club of Barletta and Artinte to build through reciprocity and reciprocity, An increasingly large and cohesive network. And so, equipped with experience and determination, Emanuel hopes his return will be able to give a voice to anyone who is having difficulty appearing, from writers to musicians, and still activate contacts with galleries to talk about. All the “nice things” that happen in Barletta.