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Meloni sees Nordeau, justice and speedy justice as a priority – politics

Meloni sees Nordeau, justice and speedy justice as a priority – politics

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni met with Justice Minister Carlo Nordio at Palazzo Sigi to discuss the next steps for the judiciary. Palazzo Sigi informs that. “Providing fair and speedy justice to citizens is an absolute priority of this government and a commitment we made with the Italians. We are determined to keep it as soon as possible,” declared President Meloni.

‘Before reforms we ask for robes’ – “Every future reform will be enacted by listening to all the voices of the justice system, from lawyers to the academy and the judiciary, before being submitted to the evaluation of the sovereign parliament”. He said Justice Minister Carlo Nordio At the opening ceremony of the Judiciary Year, the autonomy and independence of the Judiciary “is a pillar of our democracy, guaranteed by the Constitution. They are mandatory principles, which have accompanied my long professional career in the office of the lawyer. I do not believe, if I did not believe in their sanctity, I would not have worn the toga with dignity and respect,” he added. said.

Ann, good words Nordeo, hope for constructive dialogue – “I was pleased by these words of the minister, who recognized the inviolability of a principle, the autonomy and independence of the judiciary, which must be confirmed in any form of the structure of the reform. If we are in principles, the dialogue and confrontation that I and the minister want to have with us, about the fact that it will only represent a moment of construction. Can be happy and confident,” he commented. President of ANM Giuseppe Santalucia.

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