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Infections are on the rise among health workers: “at least 13,000 positive”. And there are thousands more who have not been vaccinated


One year after the start of the vaccine campaign, about a dozen non-vaccinated doctors 20 thousand, A percentage between 3 and 4 percent Than those in Italy. This information was reported by the news agency Ansa And Fnomceo, see the first assessment made by the National Federation of Orders of Physicians and Dentists. This rating is higher than what was done by Fnomceo last November. As one can see Report Posted by Health newspaper, Percentage of non-vaccinated physicians 0.3 percent Overall: Roughly 1,656 among physicians and dentists. A difference at this point can lead to thinking about a communication error. According to the Italian Federation of Healthcare and Hospitals Association (FISAO), the net number of vaccinated people has reached the number of cov-positive health workers at this time. 13 thousand.

This figure, however, was explained by Fiazo’s president John Best, Did not compromise on the health system: “The high number of positives among health workers creates some problems due to the absence of the ward, especially for organizing nursing shifts or postponing some scheduled activities, but at this time most areas do not register closure of departments or suspension of services. Explained No Vox: “Covit positive, suspensions from non-working doctors, nurses and No Vox health workers in many companies, and the long-term inconvenience of creating long-term inconvenience beyond the work week are so weighty. ‘

Status of nurses: More than 7,000 people are positive for the virus

According to the National Federation of Nursing Professions (Fnopi), the number of nurses affected by the outbreak has reached. 135 thousand. Currently they are 7.160 Positive testing operators. There will be no vaccination instead Less than 1 percent, Average 6 thousand On 450 thousand members of various orders. According to Fnobi leader Barbara Mangiyagavalli, we read from the data that the vaccine has made it possible to prevent infection among health professionals: “The effect of the vaccine is felt: a June 2020, The first stage of the disease is declining, but without vaccines, the proportion of health workers affected is almost the same for the affected population 13 percent. A In early 2022, Despite the rapid increase in cases, is about1.3 percent.

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Assurances Predicted by Budget Act

Budget legislation approved by the Chamber and the Senate also provides for the recruitment of temporary staff who have entered the National Health Service to absorb the impact of the epidemic. Especially they are 47.994 Health professionals affected by this rule: 8.438 மருத்துவம், 22.507 Nurses and 17.049 Health and social workers.

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