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"Who Wins Rules".  Leta's openness to not resigning herself to failure

“Who Wins Rules”. Leta’s openness to not resigning herself to failure

Sad news Queen Elizabeth II It was greeted with dismay around the world. In Italy, the reverberations of the alienation of sovereignty are even stronger. This can be seen from the election campaign and the political acumen of the Democratic secretary, who is starting to think that, under the whole royal spell, maybe one should be. the king.

In his election speech at Alexandria, Enrico Letta he said: “September 25 referendum to decide: either us or the right wing. On our part, we don’t want to confuse things or have opaque operations“. To Leta, Rule whoever wins.

Italians sincerely thank the sovereign for the permission given, knowing that the monarchy was not abolished in Italy 80 years ago and that decisions are made in our country. Royal P.T. Because, until proven otherwise, the winner in a democracy rules according to the constitution, not the honor of Letta.

In her absolute polarizing attack, Letta added: Another clarification This method constitutes a Copernican revolution: “We reserve full rights against it. They are all against us: they want to change us, but we will not let them“. It was the Left that wanted to unite against the Right, if Letta’s own efforts failed, and not the Right, because their alliance had always been the same.

If he was smart, after ascending the throne a few hours ago, The King Charles III He better watch his back, because His Majesty Enrico Letta could be ready to take off his crown.