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Meloni and von der Leyen’s catwalk in Lampedusa, the elections, Pontida and the migrant emergency: “Europe could be overwhelmed”

Meloni and von der Leyen’s catwalk in Lampedusa, the elections, Pontida and the migrant emergency: “Europe could be overwhelmed”

Visit Announce, common sense. says to put ” FaceGeorgia Meloni For citizens of Lampedusa Who say they are “tired of this being one island Platform For all.” The President of the Council with the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen He decides to go today, Sunday, September 17, to the island of Sicily, which has been dealing with a state of emergency for a week immigrantsThousands of survivors and more than two thousand people are “trapped” in the hotspot, waiting for a new destination.

Visit of Meloni and von der Leyen (accompanied by the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva JohanssonAnd by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantidosi), which arrives on the day A Pontida League Matteo Salvini And the National Assembly for Marine Le Pen They make a wooden board for European Fueling habitual hate policies against immigrants. The Prime Minister and the President of the European Commission, for their part, are working to form an alliance between them common And Conservatives. So the trip was also explained together, after the tripEmilia Romagna Which was destroyed last JuneFlood.

In short, the platform. Despite Meloni saying the opposite. Unfortunately, the facts are defeating his government, which after fighting them non Governmental Organization And the (bankruptcy) agreement with von der Leyen Tunisian dictatorship Kais Saied To contain the flow of migrants into Europe, it must deal with the record number of landings recorded in recent months and with the current state of emergency in Lampedusa, where France and Germany accuse Italy of not respecting the Dublin Agreement, blocking the arrival of migrants. .

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position tangled Which Meloni tries to lighten by showing his face. We are doing our best. “As usual I put my face on things,” he tried to explain to some citizens of Lampedusa, who intercepted the convoy of cars carrying the Prime Minister and President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, on the way. To the hotspot Lampedusa. “You must promise that Melonie will meet us for a short meeting. We are tired of this island being a showcase for everyone,” he shouted into the loudspeaker. Giacomo Sferlazzo At the head of the convoy that intercepted the convoy of cars. “We want to speak democratically – repeat – commit to giving us the opportunity to speak.”

Meloni and von der Leyen did not meet the migrants, who were located behind a barrier, during their visit to the Lampedusa hotspot. All you have to do is limit yourself to talking with the operators of the Red Cross and the former European Asylum Agency. After the short visit to the island, and once they returned to the airport, Meloni and von der Leyen held a press conference.

“Lampedusa is the border of Italy but it is also the border of Europe“As I saw, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen immediately accepted the invitation to come here to understand the situation in Lampedusa,” recalled the Prime Minister, who then thanked her (almost) future ally in the European elections. “I do not consider it a gesture of solidarity towards Italy as much as I consider it a gesture of Europe’s responsibility towards itself because Italy’s borders are Europe’s borders,” according to Meloni, “to combat the emergency situation of decline.”We need serious, complex and lasting solutions, and we must all work in the same direction. He added: I still say that in the face of flows, we will never solve the problem by talking about redistribution. The only way to seriously address the problem is to stop illegal departures because “The numbers of this phenomenon will not only overwhelm the border states, but all other states as well. This is what citizens and refugees also ask of us.”

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“The future that Europe wants to give itself is at stake here: the future depends on Europe’s ability to confront major historical challenges, and illegal immigration is one of them. Von der Leyen knows this very well,” explained Meloni. “I have always found her cooperative and that very important”.

The Prime Minister then announced that “in the Cabinet tomorrow, we will put forward the rule on extending detention for the purpose of returning those who arrive illegally in Italy to the maximum extent permitted by European rules. We will instruct the Ministry of Defense to take immediate measures to create the necessary structures.”

Von der Leyen attacks: “I want to be very clear: we have an obligation. We will decide who gets to Europe and under what conditions, not the smugglers.”