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24 hour registration of cases in Covid, UK and France.  512 thousand infections in a single day in the United States: not so much since the outbreak began

24 hour registration of cases in Covid, UK and France. 512 thousand infections in a single day in the United States: not so much since the outbreak began

There is Registration From Positive In the same day in different parts of the world. In Kingdom United The number of cases in 24 hours was 129,471 France Nearly 180 thousand cases have been reached. Although United States They coincide with the new wave, mostly due to the Omigran variant, which has led to an increase in infections: 512,533 in a single day, the highest number since the onset of the epidemic. Meanwhile Denmark Black mesh for infection rate: 1612 cases per 100 thousand population is a world record.

United Kingdom – In a country that tried to prevent the virus in anticipation of a third dose, the number of infections reached 129,471 in a single day. This is a record that does not take into account incomplete data due to the Christmas holidays in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Registration for infections in the UK: 117,093 in 24 hours. This figure surpasses the previous record set by more than 113 thousand cases on Christmas Day. In Wales, on the other hand, more than 12,000 cases have been reported, including epidemics between December 25 and 26, according to officials. Worries more Hospital admission boom: 9546 are, 38% more than a week ago. However, eighteen deaths were reported on the same day. Although some experts have suggested imposing new restrictions, Boris Johnson and his executive have confirmed that no new measures will be introduced until the end of the year.

France – The situation is similar in Paris. In the country, 180,000 positives are estimated in just 24 hours: the highest number since the outbreak began. For the first time in France, 100,000 cases were reported on Christmas Day. Admissions are also worrying: 17,405 people were hospitalized e The number of people admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital is also increasing, Came to an altitude of 3416.

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United States – Even in the United States, the number of epidemics has erupted, reaching its highest peak since the epidemic began. A total of 512,533 new positives a day, 52 and more than one and a half million Americans are infected with the virus, according to the latest data Johns Hopkins University. The total number of deaths due to Govt disease in the country has risen to 818,371, but the weekly average of Govt deaths has dropped by 5%.

Denmark – On the other hand, the black jersey for Denmark. The country with 1612 cases per 100,000 population is becoming the country with the highest number of Govt cases in the world. On Monday, the Guardian reported that for the first time in the state it had crossed 15,000 in 24 hours, touching 16,164 cases in a single day, compared to 130,686 swaps, thus reaching a positive rate of 12.4%.