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Kauf, first head "jumps" on Unknown Soldier: "Recommended by Tadon"

Kauf, first head “jumps” on Unknown Soldier: “Recommended by Tadon”

The false poster for the centenary of the unknown soldier made a lot of noise in the Palazzo Chiki. According to the Republican statement, in fact, it seems that the head of one of the minister’s closest associates may soon fall (figuratively) Fabiana Dodon. The organization responsible for managing the creation of the poster is the promotion of national anniversaries and the dimension of participation of the new generation, which is headed by Minister Grillino.

Know the facts. A few days ago, a poster commemorating the ceremony Milite Ignore. However, with the exception of the wrong map inserted without Italy, the image of some foreign soldiers was selected, precisely South American, and not the Italian military. An agitated oversight prompted Palazzo Chiki to publicly apologize and launch an internal investigation to identify those responsible.

The head of the office responsible for creating the poster – writes Republic – is Paulo Vichyarello, Considered one of Fabiana Dodon’s most loyal collaborators. He collaborates with La Grillina from his first ministry and earns a salary of 180 thousand euros a year. Palazzo Ciki already has a tough deal in view, and above all it seems that Paolo Vicciarello does not have the appropriate skills for the role.

The negligence leaked by La Repubblica, however, is not currently confirmed. Sources in the Ministry of Youth Policies said that Fabiana Daton is leading and responsible for the structure and does not want to add anything to what is being said now. They mention the tweet Apologies Recently released by Framework, in which “Action will be taken“The embarrassment in the ranks of the 5-star movement is increasing day by day, and the alleged inefficiency of pentostellate speeds is increasingly confirmed.

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The wound on the plate dedicated to Rome is still new Carlo Acelio Ciampi, Replacing Azeglio, during the Virginia Rocky Capital Administration. This further mistake, especially as it falls on one of our country’s historical landmarks, leaves another indelible mark on the work of the 5-star movement.