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May, Meridian exchanges could disrupt next month. We tell you why »

Weather: Meridian exchanges may be disrupted next month. tell you why

May: There is a risk of an unusual month due to the meridian exchanges The Latest Offers For the next month they speak for themselves: this year mayo He could show a different face than usual, especially compared to the past few years when the heat really started to make a big sound.
And the reasons are in the titans.”Meridian exchanges“Which characterizes the transition weeks between spring and summer and which can disturb the expected time also in Italy.

First, a hypothesis is necessary. It must be remembered that a file long term trends It serves to give a general and brief idea of ​​precipitation and temperatures on a large scale Thus they should not be understood as classic weather forecasts, which are useful for planning events in your daily life. However, thanks to scientific advances, seasonal trends are now a valid tool for scientific prediction, with crucial contributions to long-term climate assessment.

How many times have you heard exclamation points like “What crazy weather“or”You no longer know how to wear these temperature changes“But what defines this Sudden changes in the weatherGoing from thunderstorms to heat from day to day, from week to week?

The answer lies in the strong atmospheric motions of air masses on a hemispherical scale. Technically, these massive maneuvers are determined in the atmosphere.”Meridian exchanges“: Cold air descends toward the mid-latitudes from Northern Europe/Atlantic, to cool it, while warm subtropical African air rises toward Europe as shown in the map below.

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Italy, especially the central and northern regions, risks finding itself in a kind of “convergence area“in which important meteorological numbers interact. Specifically in this ‘no man’s land’ The main and most serious contradictions: The heat that accumulates in the lower layers of the atmosphere increases the risks of extreme weather events such as storms and dangerous hail.

Well, the projections start assuming a Scene change At the level of the hemisphere already at the beginning of May with the possibility that Atlantic Gateway.. In the language of meteorology, this term means that there will be no obstacles to the turbulence that descends from the ocean so that it can reach our country, thus bringing in an excess of rain especially in the center of the north; In such a context, temperatures throughout the first decade would also remain below the reference climate average over much of the national territory. We can frame this new phase of the atmosphere as a kind of “climate compensation”, After that for several months, as stated in the official data of CNRexperienced extreme values ​​of drought, with water shortages especially in Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Tuscany and throughout the Northwest, nature always finds a way to bring the balance back to the extreme.

For light clothes, we may have to wait a little longer: this year is a month mayo It may be at least unusual or contrasts with the recent past: in fact, in the last 15/20 years, apart from some new and turbulent wines (2019, 2014, 2013), there have often been very hot days with the flavor of summer.
Speech differs, however, from the south and the two main islands where, especially from 10/15 of the month onwards Temperatures It can be much higher than the average, with deviations from the reference values ​​even +2°C. The The first heat-like fires of summer Capable of getting us to 30-32°C in the event of the first advance of the fearsome African anticyclone.

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