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March 25 is a crucial sign - time

March 25 is a crucial sign – time

Giada Orishio

Pope Francesco We pray first for the innocent children victims of indignation Russian President Vladimir Putin at Ukrainethen recalls End of the world scenarios with a spectrum nuclear Finally, he cites Fatima prophecy about the end of the world. next one March 25While celebrating Penance in St. Peter’s Basilica, Bergoglio will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. A spokesman for the Holy See, Matteo Bruni, declares that “the same work, on the same day, will be performed at Fatima by Cardinal Kragowski, Almonitor of His Holiness the Pope, as Envoy of the Holy Father.”

The Church is convinced that something about Providence has happened and that the Queen of the Rosary proclaims: “If they accept my requests, Russia will be transformed and they will have peace. If not, it will spread its errors throughout the world, and encourage wars and persecutions of the Church. Good Martyrdom, Holy Father Many will suffer, and many nations will be destroyed.” Thus, the consecration of Russia is the path to a new period of world peace. It was the Ukrainian bishops of the Latin Rite who persuaded the Holy Father, who had been calling for a “cease-fire” for weeks, to make a solemn gesture in the hope that salvation would be according to prophecy.