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Manual gearbox, what happens when you don't know how to use it properly?  You're throwing the whole car away

Manual gearbox, what happens when you don’t know how to use it properly? You’re throwing the whole car away

The consequences of driving a car with a manual gearbox without knowing how to use it are very unpleasant, like the ones that throw the whole car away.

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Machines arrive with automatic gearbox They somewhat bothered the way the cars were driven. this leads to Risks Too disastrous if you don’t do it interest, when changing cars with another type of gearbox. In the United States of America A truly unfortunate event occurred, which could have had more serious consequences than what happened.

What is the importance of knowing a manual transmission?

Boca Ratonat Floridait was a sceneincident Because of a motorist who recently bought one Ford GT. the car crashed into a tree, destroy it just upon arrival policeThe man made his version. The master mentioned that he has never driven a car Manual TransmissionSo he didn’t expect driving to be so difficult without sticking to it first.

And so the man had to give upwrecked car They welcomed the machine, which is now unusable. The car was one Ford Heritage Edition GT subordinate 2006from the purchase value 666,900 euros. A stunt then, which cost a lot to the victim, who saw himself thrown out too policeThe driver’s license. Luck that no one was hurt, because the consequences could have been worse.

Ford GT . destroyed
He destroyed his Ford GT because he didn’t know how to use the gearbox –

These cases in United State They are so much more frequentsince they don’t use a file Manual Transmission like us. However, we must bear in mind that driving with a vehicle we do not knowlead to dangerous Risks. We put our lives on the line, the lives of the passengers and all others, for our lives selfishness. The lord of this story can very well learn to use the gearbox and then he can enjoy it Ford GT.

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What did this whole story teach us?

This whole story owes us Know That when we get in a car that doesn’t belong to us or we just bought it, we have to stay Be careful. Careful and we must understand how it works, if we always use machines a automatic gearboxLet’s do some driving lessons for those who have Manual Transmissionthey do not have Unpleasant surprises. The consequences, as we have seen, range from to destroy The Car Harm for people as well as for ourselves.