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Manipulator, Giorgetti in Brussels: "We will cancel aid and tax cuts when energy prices return to pre-crisis levels"

Manipulator, Giorgetti in Brussels: “We will cancel aid and tax cuts when energy prices return to pre-crisis levels”

Maneuvering interventions “characterized b target approach And the temporary“The government” takes the obligation To reduce and then remove aid and tax cuts once natural gas, energy and fuel prices return to levels in line with pre-crisis periodThe Minister of Economy writes it Giancarlo Giorgetti in front budget planning document (Dpb), in which the eurozone countries explain to the institutions of the group, in a concise and consolidated form, their draft budget for the following year. “At the end of March, looking at the Stabilization Program 2023, the government He will reassess the situation And if necessary, new measures to combat high energy costs will be implemented using them as a priority Additional income And the Expense savings which manifest themselves in the first months of the year,” reads the document that has just been sent to Brussels and is now being examined by the commission, which will have to evaluate it.

Giorgetti notes that “exorbitant energy measures are concentrated above all in the first quarter of 2023, when resources amounting to 21.6 billion will be deployed, including sums transferred to health care and local authorities to deal with the increase in energy costs and non-temporary measures amounting to About two billion dollars. He claims: “The Budget Law of 2023 also contains several economic policy measures consistent with the government’s medium-term strategy. Measures that have independent coverage It will not negatively affect net borrowing. This testifies to the government’s commitment to finding a balance between sound management of public finances and revitalization sustainable economic growthbelieving that this can also produce positive effects on the yield spread on government bonds (spread, so)”.

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