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Malevento, the new Italian map, looks like it's been delayed -

Malevento, the new Italian map, looks like it’s been delayed –

Note and watch He must have received one new map It premiered on the test server on July 22nd, and it was meant to be Malevento, a new Italian-inspired setting, will be released to the public on August 17.

At least that’s what’s been leaked these days, because Blizzard has officially canceled the whole thing Postpone the launch From the new Malevento map, perhaps waiting for a more favorable moment. The reason is likely to be found in the recent lawsuit brought by the state of California against Activision Blizzard, accused of discriminating against women.

The case has received widespread resonance, to the point of prompting some newspapers to boycott the company’s games and the former CEO to apologize. In keeping with Activision Blizzard’s social media silence these days, this clearly wasn’t the time to launch an important novelty for Overwatch, which will be pushed back to a date to be determined.

Overwatch, a map of Malevento inspired by the Italian landscape

“The wonderful map is set in an Italian mountainous region with absolutely fantastic scenarios that expand as far as the eye can see,” reads He described Later canceled by Blizzard. “In the center of the new location is a secret Talon base around which players will fight.”

The new area includes a series of narrow lanes and more open areas, thus alternating areas suitable for short-range combat with other areas of greater scope, all under the characteristic Italian sunshine presented by the scenography.

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