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Technical poll, Italians' biggest fear.  Struggle over pensions

Technical poll, Italians' biggest fear. Struggle over pensions

What are the biggest fears of Italians? Bianca Berlinguer answers this question in her book È semper Cartabianca. The poll conducted by Tecni for Mediaset tells us a class reality: for 59% of Italians, the cost of living is what worries us most; For 44%, salaries and pensions are very low; Compared to 36% instead of unemployment and job insecurity and 34% for health care. But not only that: extremely high taxes, crime, climate change, immigration, wars, housing, bureaucracy, transportation, schools. There are many issues that worry Italians. Then the hot issue of pensions, “a sore point for you who promised to abolish Fornero,” says Berlinguer, addressing Riccardo Molinari, leader of the League group in the room and among the guests in the studio.

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“The government betrayed its promises for 49% – the presenter confirms – and was unable to do more than it did for 37%.” But Berlinguer says more to his guests: “It is precisely you who had to repeal the Fornero law – attacking the landlady – here in fact retirement has become more difficult, for those who even do hard jobs, they will have to wait.” 5 months longer compared to two years ago.” A complex analysis of Molinari, who answers point by point. “With regard to that data that you showed, we were talking about the main concern of Italians, which is purchasing power and unemployment – says the MP – and I want to remind you that thanks to the policies of this government as well “We've reached the max of our record of working people. We've had a record low of 14 years of unemployment.”

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Molinari is unstoppable: “Above all, despite the fact that the left has shouted about the precariousness of work – Democratic Party deputy Marco Furfaro, who was also present in the studio, confirms in a controversial way – we also have a record of permanent contracts. So I would like to “I say that on the main issue, which is work, the government has achieved excellent results.” Furfaro began to lose patience, but Molinari did not give him time to respond: “In terms of purchasing power, the budget maneuver invested almost everything that could have been spent on it, resulting in an increase of money in the salary – confirms the MP. League – . 14 million workers with A tax reduction of up to 7 percentage points, which means more than 100 euros in salary for many workers.” And finally, a big mistake about pensions “Obviously we have not yet been able to implement the 41st quota program because the resources are what they are – he says – we have tried to revalue pensions up to four times the minimum, and we have established the 103rd quota but certainly we will try during Five years to reach quota 41.

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