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Liverpool, 9-year-old girl murdered at home: It’s stalking


Merseyside police arrested a 35-year-old man a few hours later. This will be the “goal” of the pursuit. He was also wounded in the shooting, but his condition is stable. He will have no connection with the little girl’s family and will be questioned by investigators in the next few hours. Instead, the search for the killer continues.

Reconstructing the facts –

Reconstruct what happened shocking. The 35-year-old, who was chased by an armed person, broke into the home of Olivia and her mother, who opened the front door to understand what was happening due to the confusion he felt coming from outside. The man who was following him started shooting indiscriminately, hitting Olivia in the chest and her mother Cheryl, who hurriedly tried to shut the door on her wrist. Unfortunately, the little girl was unsuccessful and died after the police took her to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Before the agents arrived, the killer fired two more times through a hole in the door, hit his original target in the upper body, and then escaped leaving the girl and mother on the ground. He was described as a slender man about 170 cm tall, wearing a black padded jacket, black mask and black gloves. Instead, the 35-year-old was hauled away by a black Audi, too.

PM Johnson: ‘A horrific, meaningless story’ –

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Twitter that the shooting was “appalling” and “meaningless” and that his thoughts are with Olivia’s family and “the people of Liverpool”. He added that Merseyside police will have “everything they need to catch the perpetrators and secure justice for Olivia.” “There is someone out there who knows who did it,” Liverpool Mayor Joan Anderson tweeted, adding: “For Olivia and for the safety of our city’s communities you have to step forward.”

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