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Massimo Boldi in love with Anita Saccon: "Withdraws, he has an impossible figure"

Massimo Boldi in love with Anita Saccon: “Withdraws, he has an impossible figure”

Massimo Boldi Do not give up and try again the love card. A Milanese actor, loved by the audience for his success Sinipantoneتون, said he was once again in love with a wonderful (and very young) Polish journalist.

Anita SakonThis is the name of the woman who won Cipollino’s heart, she is 41 years old and works as a cosmetologist in a pharmacy in Rome. His beauty and personality captivated him instantly, even if – at least for now – the love train seems to have not left yet.

To catch the new couple would have been weekly الأسبوع Today, to which Boldi also released some other confessions about their relationship:Am I in love I think soBecause he has an impossible character: only those who love her can resist her. She is very angular, I like her head, her strength, her sensitivity. But at the moment there is only a beautiful friendship between us. She is running away from me. Withdraws. But I hope I will be able to beat it.”

His passion for women younger than him has always been known, although – in this case – she would be the one to move cautiously before opening up to a romantic relationship. Massimo Boldi How he works on it: “The truth is I’m not quitting. I always throw my heart at the snag and always wish I had the right woman by my side to spend my life with. But then, inevitably, the fact that he’s 75 and can’t serve up counters to a family and kids.” Age? Not my fault. I am surrounded by beautiful girls, full of liveliness and sympathy, who introduce themselves. Who writes to me on Instagram, who suggests dinner. My popularity and the character I play and play in films is a catalyst: you can see that mature women do not like me ” .

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with his wife Marisa Always in his heart, Massimo Boldi decided to continue the search for his life partner, but with respect for himself and his family: “I do not want to be silly, I have Much respect to myself and my daughters. They have their lives and their obligations and I then find myself dealing with silence and fears. I’m the first to wonder if, at my age, I can truly aspire to true love and selflessness. If there really is a partner for me.”

story with Irene Fornaciari He ended definitively but without grudge: “It was a good relationship, even intriguing. But I don’t like either — or” (watch the video above about the flame returning).

Anita Sakon