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Lino Banfi farewell to the grieving actor: "Rest in peace"

Lino Banfi farewell to the grieving actor: “Rest in peace”

Lino Banfi and the farewell that shocked him terribly: here is his statement, details and curiosity

One of the most appreciated faces in the Italian show scene who provided hilarious moments to the audience, they brought him a comedy like never before, Lino Banfi. His real name is Pascual Zagaria and he was born and raised in Andrea. Over the course of his career, he has won the hearts and laughter of millions of Italians who have worked alongside their greatest such as Lando Buzanca, Mario Carotinoto, Alvaro Vitali, Johnny Dorelli and Renzo Montagani. Unfortunately, he had to face the disappearance of a loved one.

Curiosities about Lino Banfi (web image)

At a very young age, motivated by his deep Catholic family, he approached the ecclesiastical world also trying yeshiva even as his passion for art and entertainment was growing stronger, so much so that he made his debut as a singer at village festivals. The bishop was the one who advised him to pursue a career as a comedian and actor, as they all laughed during parish performances in which he played Judas, St. John, and St. Peter.

He started his life towards success despite the desire of his parents. The beginnings were so difficult, that Banfi went through periods of serious economic hardship, and also ended up in the grip of outsiders.The. In 1954, he began working at the Milan Theater, exhibiting elements and stereotypical expressions of his country, The show focuses on funny and authentic speech and dialect.

However, the debut in cinema took place about ten years later in 1964, where he played in small parts in Franco and Secchio films such as On the run from Sing SingAnd the 002 Operation MoonAnd the Two marines and a brigadeAnd the firefightersAnd the Will Franco Benignato, the lawyer, be able to defeat his archenemy, the Praetor Cesio de Ingras?

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To conquer the audience was the famous erotic comedy in which millions of viewers enjoyed the role of Nonno Libero in the popular Rai sitcom, family doctor. This is how he was identified as the grandfather of all Italians, conquering with his famous phrase full of meaning: “One word is too much and two words are too few.”

Unfortunately, Lino Banfi found himself facing a major loss that particularly bothered him.

The loss that upset Lino Banfi

linen and silvio
The disappearance that left Leno Banffy speechless (photo on the web)

Lino Banfi, with a short message on social networks, impresses everyone at the last farewell to Silvio Lorenzi, the historical costume designer known for his participation in many successful Italian films including several exciting Italian comedies whose hero was the actor Apulian.

The Boliana actor remembers his beloved colleague with a social media post writing to him: “A big affectionate tribute to the great friend and wonderful costume designer Silvio Lorenzi who has made me into so many films. Rest in peace.”