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Car tax, the new measure saves your life: pay little |  Italians celebrate

Car tax, the new measure saves your life: pay little | Italians celebrate

Vehicle possession and all requirements for its handling are regulated in detail by the Highway Code. In fact, inside we find all the information that needs to be in order when you are in the car and in this way you avoid severe penalties. The payments that we have to make every year to renew the documents related to our car can often be very expensive, and for this it may be necessary to access the payment in installments, how?

Cars nowadays are expensive commodities considering several factors. First of all, our car itself has a cost that should not be underestimated. In fact, for a new car, by going to a dealership, we would spend no less than 10,000 euros. All costs that must be incurred each year for maintenance and fuel must then be added to these major expenses.

but that is not all. Indeed, in addition to these expenses that burden us every month, all payments related to the documentation for our car must be added. In fact, there are many documents that must be constantly renewed if you do not want to risk fines.

Among these, as we know, there is an insurance that must be paid on an annual basis and a car inspection that must be done every two years after the first.

Finally, one of the documents that must be renewed annually is the car tax, which is nothing more than a tax on the possession of a car. It is paid on an annual basis and varies according to the vehicle class. Not everyone knows that it is for stamping that there is the possibility of paying in installments …

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How is the stamp duty paid in installments?

First of all, we must clarify that at the moment there is no official way to pay the stamp duty in installments. In fact, the state does not make this possibility available to the citizens, but only offers them to pay the amount in one solution. However, thanks to this service, you can bypass the problem and postpone the payment in a maximum of 3 installments.

As we know, by connecting to the PagoPA website, it will be possible to proceed with the online payment of the stamp duty. Through the general management platform it will then be possible to choose Paypal as a payment channel and here we will have the possibility to pay the amount in installments.

Paypal in fact allows without costs and commissions, for amounts from 30 to 2000 euros, to divide the amount to be paid in a maximum of 3 installments.