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LICIACube, the Italian satellite that will photograph the clash between two asteroids for the first time

LICIACube, the Italian satellite that will photograph the clash between two asteroids for the first time

Everything is ready for the launch of LICIACube, the all-Italian satellite that will image for the first time in history the collision of two asteroids. According to Ansa, the small satellite, the pride of the Italian genius and workforce, will record the first attempt to deflect an asteroid, something that has never happened before … if not in Hollywood films.

LICIACube Italian satellite: details (Photo Ansa)

A mission that will be part of Arrow, an acronym for Double Asteroid Redirection Test (which translated means two asteroid deflection test), conducted by the US Space Agency, NASA. LICIACube was introduced yesterday in factories Argotec, a Turin-based company, The same satellite was built on behalf of the Italian space agency ASI. It will soon be taken abroad, where it will remain awaiting launch to orbit which, if the schedule is respected, should arrive, By the end of this year. But let’s see in detail how this “strange” is made.

LICIACUBE, the satellite that will photograph the collision of two stars: here’s how the mission will happen

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It’s a satellite About shoe box size, so small, that it will have the honor of recording in digital video the first test to understand whether or not it is possible to deflect two asteroids, an experiment that will also show whether The Earth is ready or not in the event of a devastating collision with a celestial body. LICIACube will travel for 11 months aboard DART for well distance 11 million km, It will reach the asteroid at the end of its long journey Didymus: At this point, when it reaches the target, it will launch and photograph the experiment.

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Nano and Microsatellite like LICIACube – Words to Ansa Giorgio Sacuccia, ASI Prime – they allow you to test very advanced technologies very quickly and at low costs. They are platforms on which we have invested for some time as ASI on which applications can be tested in practice for every sector and provide important opportunities for many Italian SMEs.” David Avene Argotec Managing Director: “With the Hawk platform, an all-Italian micro-satellite will be able to observe the kinetic impact of a probe with an asteroid. LICIACube will also be the Italian object that will reach this distant goal for the first time in history. These first steps represent a great responsibility for the Argotec team but they At the same time a source of pride for Italy.” We just have to start the countdown in view of the start of the mission.