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New developments for this wonderful technology

New developments for this wonderful technology

Engineers Shota Kondo and Kan Okubo of Tokyo Metropolitan University in Japan have developed a new way of working levitate things through the use of sound waves.

the technology Dating back to the 80s, and taking the name sonic hovering, it allows you to move solid or liquid objects in space, without “touching” in any way, exploiting pressure caused by sound waves.

The innovation of Japanese engineers lies in dividing a group of Ultrasound transducers in blocks, and in adopting a filter to reproduce sounds based on the shape of the sound wave; This allowed to optimize the amplitude and power of each transducer channel for the desired audio field, resulting insound wave To lift a 3mm polystyrene ball.
This result represents a A big step forward As for this technology, it could be reflected in fields such as biomedical engineering or Nano technology, which makes great use of the possibility to manipulate objects without “direct” physical contact.

However, acoustic levitation technology has a degree of reliability and accuracy that is still far from the standards of other technologies, such as “optical tweezers‘, which uses a laser to generate enough radiation pressure to move extremely small particles.

In their prospective studies, the researchers wrote, “The reliability of the proposed method will be improved for the practical use of contactless object manipulation“We can only hope that this will happen, also in light of Recent Comments Found by nanotechnology in medical treatment and prevention.