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“Let’s trust the science. You are not vaccinated? staying at home

He knows what it means to be sick with Covid, he tried it on his lungs and it wasn’t a good experience. Joe Formaggio, always direct in his sayings, this time, for the first time, is impartial with his party, the Brothers of Italy. “Other than not having a green lane – he says – I had to make vaccinations mandatory.”

In the center right, more than one person has opposing or ambiguous positions regarding vaccines. How do you see that?
Simple, I see it as just the opposite. Those of my party or other parties who think so clearly haven’t seen the Covid problems up close. When your freedom endangers others, it is not freedom. You have to listen to the experts, and I trust the science: Vaccines work, and those who are intubated because they didn’t want to. My call is vaccination, vaccination, vaccination.

Have you been vaccinated?
I have the second dose in days. I can’t wait to do this.

For Lega and FdI, the green lane is a freedom-killing measure.
My freedom ends where my freedom begins. The one thing I do not agree with is that traders have to bear the burden of control. But I agree with the general intent of this procedure. You are not vaccinated? staying at home. Do you know what drama is? They are social networks.

How much fake news is circulating?
exactly. Thirty years ago, there were no social networks and no one would have thought to question the usefulness of vaccines. See that the obligatory was always there. Even when I was in the army they made it for me. Today there are dirty hoaxes on the Internet and there are those who listen to all the bullshit that these charlatans spread. Does the vaccine change DNA? but when? The level of weird stuff you read is mind-boggling. When we have a fever we take paracetamol, right? We take it because we trust science, because it’s useful. The same goes for vaccines. The 99.9 percent scientific community tells us that a vaccine saves lives, and that it doesn’t make you seriously ill. Get it done and close it. Believe me, anyone who has lost a loved one to Covid will pay to return and be able to get vaccinated.

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I believe her. Do you make it mandatory?
The green lane goes a bit in that direction but if it was up to me yes I would make it mandatory. I will only exempt people who cannot get the vaccine due to certain diseases. Did we like the normal life we ​​had two years ago? Well, to get back you must get vaccinated. Did we forget last year? The dead, the sick, the devastating shutdown of businesses. We must avoid in every way that we find ourselves in this situation.

In the meantime, we discuss the mandatory green pass in the workplace. Unions, however, are against it. Unions and not from now rather than just protecting workers create problems. Some entrepreneurs would do well to tell employees: Don’t get vaccinated, stay home. I have 200 office colleagues, and I have no right to put them at risk. It’s as if you’re walking around with a loaded revolver in your pocket: the shot goes off sooner or later. I repeat: let us trust in science. Thanks to science, we’ve increased life expectancy to 85 years.

She didn’t like the outings of her fellow party member, MP Sergio Berlato, then.
For heaven’s sake, everyone is free to say what they want, but that way, with situations that make people feel free to infect others, we don’t go too far. I want you to imprint something in your head: thinking “it doesn’t happen to me very often” is stupid. And I add: Do we vaccinate also and above all to protect the most vulnerable, or do we care about others? I come from MSI: which had the social question at the center and protects the weakest.

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What has the Covid experience left for you?
It wasn’t a walk, it was hard, but I was lucky. You see, I also infected my wife and children. If something happened to him, I would never forgive myself.