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Letizia of Spain threw him out immediately: he was no longer part of her life

Letizia of Spain threw him out immediately: he was no longer part of her life

Leticia from Spain – Source: Instagram –

Without mincing words, Letizia of Spain declared that she had left him and was no longer a part of her life. She probably won't think about it again, she seems very decisive and we know how firm she is in her decisions.

Leticia Ortiz Rocasolano She is the wife of the Queen of Spain, married to Philip VI Since 2004, the father of her two daughters, Leonor and Sofia. The two members of the Spanish royal family care about the social and cultural issues of their country, which is why they appear so united even in public, despite those rumors that have been circulating for some time about an alleged extramarital affair of the Queen.

On that occasion, after the boom with the publication of the book Leticia and me By Jaime Peñafiel, in whose pages this very rumor has been talked about (whether assumed or not, it has never been confirmed), from the English magazine daily Mail They announced: “For once, our royals look like little angels in comparison.”. Regardless of this case that was never confirmed, another indiscretion left everyone speechless, here's who decided to get rid of Letizia from Spain, she decided to do it Exit Of his life.

Letizia emigrated from Spain

Before revealing the focus of our article a few days ago, Leticia from Spain, He made a gesture to Kate Middleton, which his subjects loved so much, that is Clothes recycling From one party to another. In fact, we saw her as beautiful as the sun, as always, flaunting her little dress once again lady pippa, Completely floral, in white and pink, rich in themed accessories, which suit her very well. Among other things, her husband Filippo, who was fascinated by her personality, decided to wear one Matching tie With his wife's dress.

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Despite the evil tongues, the super cute and very charming two were caught exchanging letters Jokes Humorous. In Spain, everyone knows how committed Letizia is to duties and how much she demands order and strictness at home with her family, but despite this side of her, she is a woman who also knows how to have fun and relax.

Here's what Letizia of Spain eats
King Felipe VI and Letizia of Spain – Source: Instagram –

Letizia said goodbye to him

But if things are okay with her husband, at least for now, and hopefully forever, with anyone Leticia from Spain Did he cut off bills permanently? Simple, after all food Which he considers harmful and high-calorie. From what we read about dilei.itThe Queen reportedly said Good-bye to refined carbohydrates, saturated fats and alcohol consumption and will also limit sugar in his diet.

Then nothing Fast foodAs well as bread, pasta, pizza, fried foods, snacks, etc. in his diet. When i Favorite dishes The ones that are consumed in their “home” will be all those based on lean proteins and essential fatty acids, hence fruits, vegetables, salmon, etc. It is known that rules in the royal family are very important, whatever country they belong to, etiquette is first and foremost.