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A current or prepaid account with IBAN? Choose a saver

The bank account is the most widely used tool for storing funds and recording amounts. But there is another, less expensive way.

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Basically, the checking account is where our money flows. The net of all reserves to be considered (do not raise the amount too much, invest in instruments that guarantee income for our money), the account It is the main way to hold money and deposit our creditsFrom payroll to retirement. However, not everyone knows that possibilities exist in other directions as well. Which, in addition to providing us with something, can also allow us to close the checking account, which is mostly subject to commissions.

A tool so simple that perhaps for this reason it is not taken into account. In fact, in these cases, the force of the habit takes possession of more than the true intention. The truth is that maintaining operating costs is a real problem: in fact, Up to 20% more in annual expenses It was recorded in the wallet of Italians who had an account open for years in certain credit institutions. For this reason, it is also a good idea to know about any alternatives. Which, of course, let’s bring in our savings and also our income together.

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Salary on account? Another saving option is another: the prepaid card with Iban

This is the rechargeable card. A surprising and necessary clarification, only to make people understand a suitable option, but generally left aside. In fact, we believe that a similar tool can limit operations compared to a regular current account. Actually, Financial operations remain unchanged (for the most part) and savings will be guaranteed. Basically, there are advantages (for example, you can save on commissions, especially if the amount of revenue is not very large) as well as disadvantages. For example, if the bill is too high, the rechargeable solution will not be indicated.

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It may be more beneficial for an off-site college student to manage their savings. The standard account will cost between 140 and 340 EUR per year for all administration fees. For the online account, the charges will be actually lower (in the order of 60 euros). Prepaying with Iban cuts costs and provides good maneuverability even for online purchases. But also other advantages, Such as instant bank transfers and automatic deductions of recurring expenses. Benefits are reflected in the bill but with the indifferent details of a simple exit.