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Kosovo “Serbia is mobilizing its forces on the border”: an American warning –


Serbia is said to be massing its forces on the border with KosovoSeven people were killed in an armed attack a week ago. The complaint comes from the White House, which called on the Belgrade government to withdraw soldiers and vehicles from the “hot spot.” She understood, saying: “We are witnessing a large Serbian military deployment along the border with Kosovo.” “Unprecedented” installation of artillery, tanks and infantry unitsNational Security Council spokesman John Kirby said from Washington.

Kirby stressed that “due to recent developments, the KFOR force deployed it.” NATO in this former Serbian province “will strengthen its presence” In the north of the region. He was unable to determine whether it was merely a redeployment of KFOR forces towards northern Kosovo or a net increase in the number of soldiers deployed by KFOR. John Kirby reported that the head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken called Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Friday To express American “concern” to him and “stress the necessity of immediately reducing tensions and returning to dialogue.”

NATO also expressed its concern What is happening in the territory of the former Yugoslavia and confirmed that it is ready to increase its numbers. “The NATO Council has… Additional forces allowed The Secretary-General of the coalition said, “to deal with the situation.” Jens Stoltenberg in a statement. The British Ministry of Defense indicated that approximately one battalion 500-650 men were provided for KFOR, in case of need in Kosovo. This battalion, the 1st Battalion of the Princess’ Royal Regiment, recently arrived in the area for long-planned training exercises.

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Serbia has never recognized Kosovo’s independenceThe province’s population is mostly Muslim Albanians but a strong and aggressive minority of the Serbian language and Orthodox Christian religion still lives there.


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